Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eminent Domain: Has the government gone too far?

I have been researching eminent domain recently for one of my classes. I was shocked by what I have found out. Eminent domain is the government's power to seize private property for public use with just compensation paid to the owner. It has been abused several times by the government using it to bring in big businesses. In one case, Donalt Trump got a city to use eminent on an eighty year old widow whose land he wanted for a limousine parking lot.

The Washington Times has an article that summarizes the whole eminent domain situation quite well, as well as an article by Susette Kelo, lead homeowner in the eminent domain case Kelo v. New London. The Institute for Justice has details about several major cases.

Has the government gone too far by seizing homes to put in businesses, or in some cases, more expensive homes?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Regular writing soon

I have arrived where I will be staying for the next few months. The house does have an ISP, but we are missing some part, so I don't have internet access at home. Because of this, and getting used to a new school, I won't be posting regularly for a while. I will try to post at least once a week from now on though.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Coming and Gone

For all you people,
Both young and old,
A friend moving away,
The story can't be told.

Off to another country,
Off to another city,
You want them to come back
But there is no more pity.

Phone calls cost to much,
And never on the comp.,
You get so angry,
You just want to stomp.

Then one day you see they're on,
You say hello wanting just to talk,
There's nothing to be said,
And you say you need to go out for a walk.

It ends up that's not true,
Thats not what you want to do,
You want to keep on talking,
You want to talk to you-know-who.

So you run right back,
To find out they offline,
They did the same as you,
But they didn't come back this time.

So time goes on,
And everything passes by,
You make new friends,
Just for a "Hi".

Then one day on your shoulder,
Someone comes a tapping,
Your turn around to see,
Its your old buddy yapping.

You wanna give them a hug,
But you know that don't look right,
So you ask them to come by later on,
So you can talk tonight.

You keep talking for hours,
About all the stupid things,
New school, new relationships,
I mean everything.

You ask when thery're leaving,
And they say the next day,
You're upset once again,
But you say what the hey.

My advice for you all,
Is to use the time you got,
Do everything you want to do,
Then do what you ought.

Friends come and go,
So have fun with him or her,
Have a laugh or two,
Things aren't the way they were.

Not all stories end up like this,
So hope for the best,
Pray for the good for all,
Then go on and rest.

Live your life for your friends,
Live your life for God,
Live your life for your family,
Don't live like a fraud.

Based on a real story, almost.

Educational Buffet

Yesterday, my mom, my brother and I went to the local high school to enroll for the second semester. (We had to do this because we had had to leave our home rather suddenly.) We gave them our transcripts, and they figured out what classes we need.
My brother, who is currently taking calculus, was told that he would have to take a competency test to get out of Algebra I, which he had taken in French schools abroad.

We were very impressed by the number of classes they had. There were classes that I would never have believed a high school would offer (golf anyone?). My brother and I were able to choose fun classes from the enormous list of electives, more electives than I had heard of: mixed choir, band, jazz band, home ec., stage prep, debate, world literature, debate, creative writing...
Some people have many bad things to say about public schools, but they are an educational buffet; students can take not only classes they need, but also classes they want.