Friday, April 28, 2006

Photoshop or not?

There is something of a debate going on between Eightiron and me over this photo, which was supposedly taken in Sedalia Missour, regarding whether or not it was photoshopped or edited.

Has it been edited or photoshopped? If so, how can you tell?

Question of the Day: Technology

My family, due to a house change, and pretty much an entire lifestyle change, bought a new computer. My brother and I were able to convince my parents not to buy just an entry level one. I sure am glad it did.

Having lived overseas for so long, I marvel at inventions that have been around for a while. Erasable pens? Jumpdrives? Windows Media Center? WOW!

The question of the day: With technology advancing as it is, when, if ever, will Earth reach the level of technology shown in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Photo from Flickr

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

To the nomadic readers of Outsiders' Opinions, Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Amazing Movies: The Phantom of the Opera

Because I will be singing a Phantom medley with my school's choir at the end of the year, I decided to buy the movie, to help me understand the emotions and circumstances of each song. While I had already learned from hearing the medley that the music was good, I had no idea how good the movie would be.

The Phantom of the Opera is the story of three people: Christine, a spectacular new singer at the Paris Opera House who has a mysterious, secretive teacher. Raoul, a vicomte who has become the owner of the Opera and has fallen in love with his childhood friend and sweetheart, Christine. The Phantom, the disfigured, secretive musical prodigy who terrorizes the Opera House to benefit his protege, Christine.

The music in this movie is amazing. The actors do the songs excellently. Emmy Rossum sings beautifully as Christine, and Gerard Butler, while his singing is not quite as good technically, he does get the longing and despair in his songs across very clearly. I was reassured to see that even decades after West Side Story and The Fiddler On The Roof, Hollywood can still put out a good musical. The acting is also very good.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being perfect, and 1 being an absolute flop, I would give this movie an 8.5

Photo from IMDB

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

American Idol Prediction: Post Standards Week

Here are my (new and revised)predictions for the hit show American Idol following the elimination of Ace (finally!):

1) Chris Daughtry, the rocker
Chris showed his tender side this week. While his performance was not as good as some of the other contestants, he has shown that he can do both ends of the spectrum, from Creed's rock song 'What If' to the soft, sensitive 'What a Wonderful World'.

2)Katharine McPhee, pop, Got the McPhever?
Katherine was amazing the week. Simon said she made all the other contestants seem like gifted amateur while she was like a seasoned professional. After a dry stint, Katherine is back, and doing well. If she continues at this rate, Chris will have some tough competition to win.

3&4) Kellie Pickler, the blonde country girl and 'Pick Pickler'
Kellie. A shaky performance this week. When the judges were negative, she did admit that it was a shaky performance. However, good previous performances give hope for the next for weeks.

3&4)Taylor Hicks, the soul and 'The Silver Fox'
Taylor's performances was more restrained this week. His performance, while still earning positive comments from the judges, was not as impressive as some of the others. Unless Taylor goes loose on the stage again, maybe even if he does, he won't get past third or fourth.

5)Paris Bennett, the small powerhouse
Paris has raked in compliments from all Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Queen, and Kenny Rogers. While her voice is very good, so is everyone else's (now that Ace has been voted off). She did well, but questionable song choice in the past, as well as being in the bottom three this week, make me doubt she will stay on too long.

6)Elliot Yamin, the fancy singer
Elliot, despite having had some rough performances in previous weeks, did very well yesterday (04/18/06) during American Standards Week and was not in the bottom three. However, this might not last.

Update (05/06/06):
First Kellie Pickler, then Paris Bennett were eliminated, leaving Chris, Katherine, Taylor, and Elliot. Here are my predictions for this group (that will most likely be completely wrong):
-Katherine will make top 2
-Chris will make top 2