Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Question of the Day: Self-defense and the Armed Forces

If you join the armed forces, can you justify killing someone by claiming self-defense? If you could have avoided the whole confrontation by not joining the armed forces, does that make you guilty of murder?

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Blogger Eight Iron said...

Good question. The unspoken issue is whether killing is ever justifiable. Is there such as thing as a "higher good." This came out in a recent episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. The cop got an ex-soldier to Iraq to admit that what his friend friend had done (a cold-blooded double murder) was not the same as what the solider had one, i.e. killed for a "higher good." In his case, such a "higher good" was preventing a bloody war from reaching our shores again, post 9/11/2001.

I'd like to think the "higher good" argument always works. It often does, but is whittled away when soldiers who are the "good guys" do undefensable things, like the recent investigatioons of a handful of U.S. soldiers who killed Iraqi citizens (women, children) for no apparent reason.

- Greg

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