Saturday, May 06, 2006

United 93

Just a few days ago, my family went to see the new movie United 93. Some have criticized this movie, saying that it came out too soon, that the gaping wounds left from 9/11 had not yet healed.

However, this movie is an accurate portrayal of perhaps one of the most important days in recent United States history. Instead of the whole "There were files so this is all President Bush's fault for not having read them and acted on them" scenario, United 93 shows the confusion as the tragedy was taking place, the lack of communication between organizations, the disbelief of Americans as the planes hit the buildings, and the courage of the passengers on board United flight 93. Thankfully, this movie does not seem to take a political viewpoint; it tells of the motivation and actions of the terrorists, and the desperation and the courage of the passengers.

This movie has come out at the perfect time because people in general seem to have forgotten 9/11. President Bush is accused of keeping troops in the Middle East longer than necessary, or they say that we should never have gone over there in the first place. Some French people accuse us of invading Iraq for the oil. But this movie reminds us of why all this was necessary: the United States was attacked by terrorists, almost three thousand people died, and it would have been more, except for a planeful of passengers.

This movie is extremely well done in that you can sense the religious fervor of the terrorists as they hijack the plane, and then their fear as it is taken back. You can sense the dread, then the disbelief of the air traffic controllers and the military commanders on the ground. You can sense the passengers' fear as the plane is hijacked, their desperation, their resolve.

I remember 9/11. Do you?

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Blogger RC said...

enjoyed your post...good point on it straying away from the bush theme.

just saw the film tonight and loved it.

--RC of

12:54 AM  
Blogger OffbeatOutsider said...

Thanks. It just bothers me when people accuse Bush of having been able to stop 9/11; although there might have been signs, there were other things going on at the same time, the President might not have been properly informed, and there are always more terrorist threats than there are actual attacks.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That some Flight 93 passengers "fought like warrior poets" is encouraging for our future. For surely “we the people” are able (but are we willing?) to storm the bridge of the ship of state, and seize the helm from postmodernist hijackers. See

3:25 AM  

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